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Man Made Monsters
Mad Marv

by Mad Marv

      Gripping is a good adjective to describe Man Made Monsters. From the first page of this collection of short stories, the reader is grabbed into this thrilling read. Each short story is divided by other mini anecdotes about other man made monsters, i.e. golems, were-animals, and vampires. The longer short stories deal with their own interesting man made monsters (zombies, drug induced protective brainwashed individuals, and other chilling creatures).

Mad Marv fills these short stories with poignant words that grab the reader by the throat and refuse to let go. Each story in Man Made Monsters is truly enjoyable to read. Even the mini anecdotes hit the reader with wonder and horror. The stories are not necessarily suspenseful as many other horror stories are but the imagery that the reader creates for themselves while reading enhances the horror of each monster character. A reader cannot walk away from Man Made Monsters without feeling some sort of wonderment of where Mad Marv came up with several of these monsters. Readers will get caught up with each of the monsters, certainly different and distinct from each other.

The Book

Crypto-American Press
October 2005
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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2005
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