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Monroe's Redemption

by Elijah Bruce

      Whoa is the first word that comes to this reader to describe this intense debut novel by Elijah Bruce. In Monroe's Redemption, Chef Monroe Goolynabura is faced with trying to create the perfect dish for the Union Square Fair; the same fair where, a year previously, his dish created a mass outbreak of food poisoning. Exactly how far would Chef Monroe Goolynabura go to create the ideal dish and bring his restaurant from the brink of closing and disaster?

         The extreme graphic images throughout Monroe's Redemption clearly indicate the intensity that some people will use to succeed at their jobs or life in general. Elijah Bruce has taken the realm of the writing world and truly created his own niche in it. Despite some of the unrealistic scenes in Monroe's Redemption, it takes the reader and leads them through a horrific and exciting read. The setting of New York City adds to the intensity of the graphic nature. Some might think that Monroe's Redemption is just another violent and graphic novel but it takes a true reader to understand Elijah Bruce's point about human nature.

The Book

Boolana Collective Press
April 2005
Trade Paperback
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NOTE: Extremely graphic images-Adults only

The Reviewer

Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2005
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