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September and Other Stories

By Julie Ann Dawson

     Are you looking for a good horror story? Why not grab a book with one main novella and fifteen horrifying stories and poems? Plenty to keep you awake.. from haunted candle holders to terror in the attic, to the main novella September where three sisters set off to uncover ancient evil of a pharaoh's tomb, to the story of how a daughter deals with the people who murdered her parents. This book has plenty to keep you wide-awake and alert. Julie Ann Dawson truly has a way of writing the stories that are sure to make you wonder what is going bump in the night.

     The main story is the novella September. In the first stories we meet Natasha and her family, learning about Natasha's amazing gift of seeing and talking to the dead. Although she is the youngest of the Collin triplets, no one else sees or hears what she does, not even her sisters. Natasha's best friend is Tabitha a ghost, a girl who had drowned years before. Ans although Tabitha leaves a wet spot wherever she stands, Natasha's family still believes she is just a little touched. Therefore, she has Sven who follows her everywhere. Supposedly as a bodyguard, but Natasha knows the truth that he is just there to report back to her mother on all the crazy things that she does.

     However, when Natalie, and Nicolette are set to go on an archeological expedition, the Professor learns of Natasha's gift and asks her to go along with them.

     From traveling to museums to the deserts, spirits come to speak to Natasha. She will find herself in danger from many spirits when trying to protect the secret of the ancient tomb of the Pharaoh.

     However with the help of her sisters, and her friend Tabitha along with a few of the archeological team members, Natasha will uncover the Evil tomb and put to rest the spirits dwelling there.

     This was definitely one magnificent read that will go on the keeper shelf. I read this book in just one sittingIt was so good that I just could not put it down. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys some horrifying thrills in their reading.

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Lulu Press
January 28, 2005
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Tangela Williams
Reviewed 2005
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