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The Book of the Dead
Agent Pendergast Series, #7

by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
read by Scott Brick

      The Book of the Dead takes up where Dance of Death leaves off. Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast sits in solitary confinement in prison, charged with three murders committed by his brother, Diogenes. He has said nothing that Special Agent Coffee can use to convict his rival of the murder of another agent, thereby invoking the death penalty. So, Coffee decides to soften up Pendergast psychologically by putting him in the cell next to a mentally ill inmate known as "the drummer." The drummer drums and taps constantly, every minute he is awake. He seldom sleeps.

Outside the prison, Vincent DíAgosta keeps vigil along with Pendergastís chauffeur, Proctor, and Eli Glenn, trying to find a way to break Pendergast out of an escape-proof prison. He has a disciplinary hearing coming up that will decide whether or not he keeps his badge.

At the Museum of Natural History, Nora Kelly has been called away from her research project to oversee the reopening of the ancient Egyptian tomb of Senef, which was walled off in the depression era. It is hoped that the gala event will distract the public from the scandal over the museum's diamond collection being stolen by Diogenes, then returned reduced to powder. A sound and light show has been planned to recreate the moment when the tomb was robbed centuries before.

As usual, Preston and Child have woven a story that keeps the listener on the edge of his or her chair waiting to see how Special Agent Pendergast will extract himself from this predicament. Also, just what does Diogenes have in mind as he visits Pendergastís ward, Constance Green? Will Pendergast be convicted of his diabolical brotherís perfect crime? Or does Diogenes have another thing in mind? Listen to The Book of the Dead. Itís a horror thriller you wonít easily forget.

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The Book

Warner Adult
May 30, 2006
Audio CD Unabridged
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