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Kill Creek
Scott Thomas

October 31, 2017
Horror / Holiday: Halloween

Reviewed by Jen Oliver


Kill Creek introduces readers to some of the best horror writers, including Sam McGarver. These four authors share something in common: their sales have been slipping. They are invited to spend Halloween night at the Finch House as a publicity stunt created by a gentleman named Wainwright. All of them decide to go despite their hesitations. The Finch House is known to be a little spooky and possibly a little bit haunted. After their night, they go home to go about their businesses but little do they know how that one night will affect them, their writings, and the rest of their lives.

The setting of the Finch House is the classic scary and abandoned house that everyone knows about and tries to avoid but usually curiosity gets the best of them. It is perfect for this horror novel. Kill Creek reminded this reader a lot of The House of Haunting Hill but adds a twist to it. The character development of each author was done nicely and Thomas was able to keep each one’s characteristics separate and stick with each character.

Any horror or suspense fan will thoroughly enjoy Kill Creek. Scott Thomas has done an amazing job in bringing horror back to the mainstream and I hope that he continues writing more horror novels.

Reviewed 2017