By Judy Balchin
Search Press - July 2002
ISBN: 0855329882 - PB
Nonfiction / How-To Books / Making Greetings Cards

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde,
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This is another in Search Press' new Handmade Greetings Card Series and just like its sister Metal & Wire Greetings Cards (reviewed on this site) it is a well-illustrated, hands-on primer. One of the best things about it is that it is NOT a gallery book, but has instructions and patterns for every single item within, and neither does it have a vast list of expensive items that aren't really vital. These are two faults that too many craft books suffer from and not seeing them is a real tonic! A modest list of essential items greets the reader and the projects are all suitable for beginners with a progressive tendency; starting very simple and working towards using glitters, unusual painting techniques and more detail.

This is very much a book for beginners and children, as long as they are supervised and use the water-based rather than the solvent-based paints, they ought to have no trouble with many of the projects. Glass paints last a very long time and this is an inexpensive way of making cards. I've seen a lot of glass painting books and this is the best one I've seen on just card making. Highly recommended.

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