Designs and Techniques
By Ann Cox
Search Press - July 2002
ISBN: 0855329483 - PB
NonFiction / How To Book / Crafts

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde,
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This is the sequel to Ann Cox's popular Beginner's Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery and, as I don't have this book and have never done this type of work before, I had my doubts. They were soon dispelled and, as primers go, this has to be one of the prettiest!

I also wondered what the earlier book has in it as this book is also highly suited to beginners and doesn't have the slightest "book two" feel about it. To start with, you are taught the basics in some very easy-to-follow photographic steps and then the author shows you how to portray various flowers and foliage types (this is a very floral-oriented book). Also covered are how to paint the backgrounds, color the ribbons to get the right shade and various projects. This is one book that really has you itching to grab some ribbons and have a go and with instructions as good as these you won't even find it hard. My only gripe is that all of the projects can be done with the much cheaper synthetic ribbons on the market, which are easier to obtain and a fraction of the price. The silk ribbons are more attractive, but for a beginner - or anybody making non-permanent items such as greetings cards - I'd recommend starting with the polyester substitutes.

Still, this is a superb book and if you want to try your had at this type of embroidery - buy it!
PS For a comprehensive range of those elusive ribbons try Crafty Ribbons at (a UK site)

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