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Publisher:  Search Press
Release Date:  August 2003
ISBN:   1903975778
Format Reviewed:  Large Format Paperback
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Genre:   Nonfiction / How-To Books/Making Greetings Cards
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   Rachel A Hyde
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Peel Off Greetings Cards
Handmade Greeting Card Series
By Judy Balchin 

      Fancy a peel off? No, you can keep your clothes on but have a ball making greetings cards with the latest type of sticker on the market, the peel off. These plastic outlines can be stuck to many surfaces and colored in – try them on glass or china with suitable paints. This book is dedicated to their most usual use of making greetings cards and is the latest in Search Press’ series on modern card making techniques.

      This is one of my favorite titles from this series due to the author’s method of using a minimum of materials and doing the maximum with them. Here is truly just a book about peel offs which is presumably what the purchaser actually wants, and no expensive items or equipment are showcased, nor are any cards made using several fancy or costly items. As with the whole series, the staged photos illustrating the projects are first rate, and children too can have a go at this safe and relatively easy craft. I particularly liked the matching gift tags that accompany each card, and the way in which various other new craft materials such as metal foil and colored sand have been used, although such a lot can be done merely by using ordinary papers and card. As usual I searched in vain for any mention of recycling but you cannot have everything! I would highly recommend this book to anybody thinking of trying a new way of making their own greetings cards.