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Publisher: February 2004
Release Date: Que
ISBN: 0789730030
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Non-Fiction / How To 
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
Reviewer Notes:  

Absolute Beginners Guide to Windows XP Media Center
By Steve Kovsky

        When it comes to new age technology, I must admit I’m a novice, the type of person who buys a computer to last and refuses to upgrade or purchase a new one until the “on” button is no longer functional.

      This past February, I lost a close friend of six years, which had provided me with an endless amount of joy and pleasure on a daily basis. Sadly, my computer breathed its last hard drive sigh and bid the world a fond farewell. Heartbroken, I went in search of a replacement. What I found was the adventure of a lifetime.

       Windows XP. The name alone is a sign of the ground-breaking, cutting-edge technology that has taken the world by storm. I knew when I first pressed the “on” button that this was no ordinary computer, a far cry from the familiar Windows 95 that had greeted me each day. This new system came with more bells and whistles than I ever thought possible.

      One of the most exciting features of Windows XP is the Media Center. I had been always been under the false assumption this icon was only used when you wanted to play a music CD. It was not until I discovered Steve Kovsky’s Absolute Beginners Guide to Windows XP Media Center that my appreciation level begin to realize what I had in my possession.

      This book gave me the knowledge in simple-to-use terms and diagrams that showed me how to watch and record live television. In addition, it had me glued to its pages as I read about burning DVD’s, creating highly professional home photo CD’s and organizing my favorite CD’s while I listened to my favorite radio station. I was totally amazed at how one program could have the ability to take the place of so many gadgets.

       This book will appeal to all levels of computer users who want to learn from the ground up. It kept me in constant awe as I quickly became addicted to this self-help manual. It gave me the ability to learn things I never knew a computer was possible of achieving.

      I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a desire to reach for the stars, for its knowledge reaches unlimited heights. Very highly recommended.