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Publisher: Kangaroo Press (Distributed in the UK by Search Press)
Release Date: June 2004
ISBN: 073181231X
Format Reviewed: Large Format Paperback
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Genre:   How-To Books / Papercrafts
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Rachel A Hyde
Reviewer Notes:    If you cannot find the materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

Quilling For Beginners 
By Jean Woolston-Hamey

   There are a lot of books on the market that say they are for beginners, but in my experience, very few of them truly are. Here is one that is just what it purports to be.

   If, like me, you learned quilling from a more advanced book of patterns, then you probably missed out on the basics. Now you can find out all those little tips about choosing tools and papers, correct methods for rolling and sticking and really start from the beginning.

   I do love a book that doesn’t showcase all the more advanced or expensive items on the market for a particular hobby. You can roll with your fingers and cut your own papers, allowing you to start immediately and straight away you can make some lovely cards to be proud of. There is even a gallery – and you know I don’t usually admire those – showing the work of children (one as young as six) to prove the ease of quilling. It is perhaps true that more detail could have been devoted to tips on making the actual shapes, particularly the more fiddly ones, but this aside, I do believe that just about anybody can learn to quill from this book. As a special bonus, turning to the inside back cover yields up a packet of strips. A great gift, if you can bear to part with it, which probably means you are already an advanced quiller.