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Publisher: Sterling/Chappelle (Distributed in UK by Chrysalis Book Group)
Release Date: February 2004
ISBN: 1402706154
Format Reviewed: Large Format Paperback
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Genre: How-To Books/Beadwork
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Rachel A Hyde
Reviewer Notes:  

Wonderful Wire & Bead Crafts
By Mickey Baskett

     This attractive primer shows you how to make all manner of things using beads and wire. You can guess this from the title alone, but there is a lot more in here than the bare minimum. You can find out about the healing properties of beads, learn all about wire and beads themselves, their many varieties, and what tools you need to transform them into whatever you fancy. The main strength of this book lies in its wealth of surprising and imaginative projects. The chapters range from the invariable jewelry and beaded vessels to more unusual items. Some of these include wire sculptures for the desk or garden, items for the bathroom or kitchen, a couple of Christmas decorations, and quite a few decorative pieces for entertaining. Some of the projects have a very New Age flavor, while others are aimed at more traditional folk who want to make things for the home or to wear. This mixture is perhaps a little uneven, but it may attract a wider readership. Many different artists have contributed the projects, so there is, perhaps, something for everybody here.

     This is not one of those books that starts out with easy projects and ends up with advanced ones. You will have to pick something you like and read the instructions through before you can gauge if it is right for your level of expertise. I would not personally recommend this book for an absolute beginner, but there are already quite a few books on the market directed at the novice, so it is nice to see something for intermediate bead hobbyists. The book offers diagrams showing the shapes for the wire, but no staged step-by-step diagrams. This is a book to spend quite a bit of time with while you master the techniques, as there is a fair bit to learn, but anybody who enjoys this type of work is sure to enjoy doing this. They will have some attractive items to show for their efforts.

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