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Beginner's Guide To Beading on a Loom

by Alexandra Kidd

The word "loom" conjures up images of large pieces of equipment and the sort of hobby that takes over your house - and your life. But bead weaving isn't like that, and this primer certainly shows the basics in an easy-to-read format along with some illustrative projects.

     The early news that most of the projects in the book can be completed on a simple beginner's loom (I've even seen these in toy shops) had me cheering. The same can be said for the brief list of very ordinary items like squared paper, pencils, wire, and pliers that are useful for weavers. Add beads and thread and you are off - even children can do this (presumably why toy shops stock looms). If this has you wondering how any book on the subject can make a mountain out of a molehill then this is all to the good, for some books do and this is the perfect antidote. When you have learned the process you can get designing, but first there are bracelets, belts, bags (lots of these for some reason), baubles, and a bathroom decoration to make. There could have been a fancy necklace, or even a plain one but there isn't - instead a wall hanging and chess/checkers set shows imaginative use of the loom. There isn't anything too advanced in here - but if you know how to do it you won't want a book with "beginner" in the title anyway. A genuinely useful primer that taught this old hand a thing or two I wish I had known when I made my first choker...


The Book

Search Press
April 2005
How-To Books/Beadwork
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005

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