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Beginner's Guide to Ottoman Embroidery

by Joyce I Ross

      I thought that I had tried, or at least heard of, most kinds of embroidery but to my delight here was a new one, or rather a brand new book about an old craft. Once the preserve of wealthy Turkish ladies, now you can have a go too and make your home look like a pasha's palace.

If Atma stitch and Busabak stitch have you shaking your head then the large, user friendly diagrams in here will be most welcome. There is a short history of the style, some pictures of old and new works and information about what to use, and how to use it. Find out what a yaglik is and make your own, as well as greetings cards (a good place to start), a necklace, bookmark, sampler and more. Combine the motifs in your own designs and create your own special masterpiece. There is a collection of patterns and motifs at the end, and a list of books used to research the book. Once I had learned the stitches and worked through some of the projects I felt ready to tackle more, which shows that this is a good book to learn from. A total beginner would be advised to start with a simpler form of embroidery, but anybody who is reasonably cognisant of the basics and wants something a little more challenging will be in safe hands.

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Search Press
September 2005
How-To Books/Embroidery
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Reviewed 2005
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