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Compendium of Cardmaking Techniques

by Various authors

      If you yearn to have a go at all these modern paper crafts but don't know where to start then you might find this book a godsend. This is surely just the thing for anybody who has stood in a craft shop and wondered what all those intriguing items were for - lots of helpful photographic stages, explanations of equipment needed and the nature of the beast in general and in particular.

     There are old favorites such as rubber stamping and embroidery, Dutch newcomers such as Lacé, iris folding and teabag folding, and less obvious methods like polymer clay and metalwork. Each section is taken from Search Press' hugely popular Cardmaking series, and gives you the basics about the craft, tells you what you need and gives you usually two projects and a gallery. Useful for a complete beginner (and easy enough to follow), it is just as useful for people who have done a few of the methods and want to have a go at the others. Knowing what you need to obtain is a huge help, particularly in deciding whether a certain method is for you. This book is not a substitute for these other titles as it does not give each book in full, but at £12.99/$25.99 it certainly gives a taster for not all that much outlay. I wish it had been available when I took up paper crafts! A very user-friendly primer that has something to say to all most card makers as well as beginners.

The Book

Search Press
April 2005
How-To Books/Paper crafts
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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