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Cropping For Scrapbooks
Eyelets For Scrapbooks

by Sarah McKenna

      Here is a pair of books full of stunning layouts to get you cropping and eyeleting your scrapbook pages. In true Search Press tradition, first you get to grips with the nature of the beast - all about the materials and how to use them - and then it is on with the primer and projects. Learn how to cut your photos up and make them look more interesting on the page, and use those eyelets in a more creative and interesting manner to accent your themes and make things like brag books.

I like the colorful, let's-get-started approach in here, with the bright materials all laid out on the large format page like candies in a shop. There are no drawings here to illustrate what needs to be done, just lots of large photos which I think is better for this sort of work. A lot of the projects can be done quite quickly as long as you have the basics - nothing too hard to obtain in either of these books - and they are just long enough. I could think of more ways to crop my photos or use eyelets, but these books got me thinking in ways that sparked my imagination to think of more. User friendly and inexpensive (£6.99/$13.95) they are ideal for slipping into your crafting stash along with your cardstock and photos.

If you cannot find scrapbooking materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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The Book

Search Press
September 2005
1844480763 (Cropping)
1844480755 (Eyelets)
How-To Books/Beadwork
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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