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The Encyclopedia of Beading Techniques

by Sara Withers & Stephanie Burnham

      Feel the need to bead? Tired of admiring beaded artwork you cannot afford, or is the wrong color? All you need to make fun, fashionable items is in here. Beginners (and anybody else with a beading skill to learn) are in safe hands with Search Press' masterly and exhaustive Encyclopedia series. This is also a book essentially aimed at Brits - none of those gorgeous but impossible-to-source outside of the States items are in here. This is not to say that it would only be useful to people resident in the UK - far from it - but any Brits reading this ought to be cheering as this isn't just another book for the US market.

This useful primer takes you through the beading process from buying essential tools, types of bead and what they are called, all about findings and threads and then it is on with the techniques. These begin with bead embroidery, and cover knotting, wirework, crochet and knitting, loomwork, offloom stitches and stringing to name some. Absolutely everything to do with beads isn't covered, but then I have never seen any book that does all this; it is simply too huge a topic. There are instructions to work through some quite nice pieces, although nothing to set the beading world alight. This is basically a primer from which to learn the methods, and projects tend to be to illustrate these techniques and learn from doing which is the best way. At the reverse is a list of UK shops and websites for obtaining beads and beading advice which is so useful, and the inevitable gallery of work. Rather misleadingly some of these gallery pieces are shown on the cover. I do wish books only showed pieces the book had instructions for on covers. My verdict? This is an attractive and user-friendly book that most beaders (except for real experts) will welcome, as you truly can learn from it and that is really the most any how-to book can aspire to.

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Search Press
August 2005
How-To Books/Beadwork
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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