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Memoirs From A Piece of Human Furniture

by Adam-Michael James

      Adam-Michael James really surprised me with this little masterpiece of a how-to book. He has great snippets of reality amongst the humor and hard long days of labor of the people who do the drudge work behind and in front of the cameras that we all so idolize. I have to admit I know some of the things he has talked about, having lived in and worked a bit on the fringes of the industry. That is the main thing most people forget and that James brings home in this book. It is an industry, lest anyone forgets - there are jobs that have to be done and most of them are not the glamorous ones that we think about when we go to our favorite theater and watch a movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the several snippets of real life he has interjected and talked about with an honesty that few really ever get to look at, let alone, read about. This book is a sort of autobiographical memoir, in the sense that James has really lived and still lives the life of an Extra Extra! His experience, abilities, and hard-wrought knowledge of the system he finds himself in should be a must read for anyone who wants to be part of the Hollywood or anywhere movies and TV shows are shot, life.

Do you want to know what really goes on in the back-stages of the recording, TV, Movie studios? Get this little book and get that education before you actually chuck all of the rest of your real daytime life, in the pursuit of the dream, and make the break to escape for Hollywood.

The Book

Publish America
July 2, 2005
Nonfiction / How-to
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NOTE: Light hearted jab and revealing look inside the greatest of I-wanna-be hypes of western culture, wry humor. Good information.

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Claudia Turner VanLydegraf
Reviewed 2005
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