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Getting Started Stringing Beads

by Jean Campbell

     It sounds as though there isn't much to this craft - everybody learns how to thread objects onto a string in kindergarten - but a look inside this book will show that this isn't true. Back when I learned to string beads there wasn't much of this sort of thing around in the UK, and I made up my own instructions. If this is you, or you are a total beginner you will benefit from a primer that shows you how to do it properly, so you can make jewelry that won't fall apart...

        This book takes you all through the beading process, from looking around a bead shop and identifying the different items to handy size charts and a chart of what is actually meant by terms such as a druk, a bicone or a chiclet. If you don't live in the States but work from US books and magazines this is invaluable. Then onto threading materials, tools, and needles (ditto for the previous sentence here) and the nuts and bolts of beadwork such as crimping, knotting, and finishing off. There are projects of course complete with lots of useful tips for making more items, and on every page there seemed to be something I didn't know. From all the terms for different necklace lengths to finishing off pendants this book is worth every penny. Is it destined for my keeper shelf? No - it will be too busy doing duty in my beading bag! One no beader (unless you are a real pro) can possibly do without.

The Book

Interweave Press (distributed in UK by Search Press)
April 2005
How-To Books/Beadwork
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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