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Handmade Embroidered Bags

By Jenny Rolfe

    Fancy bags have possibly never been so in fashion as they are at the moment, and if you want a fancy one for every occasion, making your own is a cheaper and enjoyable option. In here you will find some scrumptious techniques for having fun with fabric, thread and a sewing machine that will culminate in a number of ornate and unusual bags for various purposes.

   This is basically a book on making bags and decorating them with free machine embroidery. If you haven’t done this sort of thing before there is a helpful section at the beginning that goes through the basics, and has a series of exercises to enable practice of the vermicelli stitch and others. It doesn’t say in so many words that a Bernina will be best for this purpose, but drops some broad hints - I wish I had had a book like this when I bought my own machine (which is another brand and totally unsuitable)! This is one of those books that enable one to produce something that looks truly impressive without too much advanced knowledge; it has some of the best step-by-step projects I have seen anywhere. Follow the easy stages with their large photographs and, provided you have some experience with sewing machines, items fine enough to impress anybody with ought to be the happy outcome. Use up those small pieces of cloth from larger projects, make your own cords (no marudai needed) and have fun with embellishments. My only moan is that the projects only cover a small range of different types of bags. The inevitable evening bags, bags for storing knitting or other work and tote bags whets the appetite for further - but work through a few projects and maybe you will have enough expertise to come up with further ideas. This book certainly gives the reader a good enough grounding. Top marks for truly user-friendly instructions.

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Search Press
January 2005
How-To Books/Needlecrafts
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