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Harmonica Folding
Harmonica Cards - New Variations

By Annelies Karduks

     Who says cards have to be folded in half? Why not fold them like a concertina, or a triptych to name two possibilities. To take out all the hard work of measuring and calculating you can now get a whole range of special stencils - and these two books to complement them.

       On their own those templates are rather daunting, so I would say that these books are necessities rather than just nice to have for ideas if you are going in for harmonica folding. The first one complements templates A to D, and the second E to H so make sure which one you have bought before buying one - as the books are dedicated to either one set or the other. You just won’t have the measurements printed on the template carton otherwise! There are some impressive and imaginative cards in here, and each book covers birth, birthdays and Christmas with the addition of work with photographs in the second book. The instructions are helpful, and you will need a good ruler and knife to attempt anything plus some patience; this is not the best craft for a cardmaking beginner. But the results are such that they are bound to impress just about anybody, and I particularly like the inclusion of cutting patterns for some of the paper tole sheets. It also shows you how to be very creative indeed with a range of punches, border punches and peel offs; check out those border patterns in book two, which is the more advanced of the two. Ordinary materials are really transformed here - very inspiring.

The Book

Forte Publishers (Reprinted by Search Press)
October 2004
How-To Books/Papercraft
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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