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Illustrating Nature
Right-Brain Art in a Left-Brain World

By Irene Brady

     Which side of your brain do you use? According to Brady, if you learn to see things and sketch using the artistic right side of the brain instead of the analytical left side, your subjects will be much more realistic. You can develop and learn to use the right side of your brain by using Brady's exercises and techniques. She has tested and re-tested these skills and has proven them to be effective for any age or skill level. Homeschooling? Here is your art textbook!

     Brady covers a wide range of subjects, including drawing and sketching techniques, design and layout, how to draw various parts of animals such as eyes, feet and fur. She has included a profusion of helpful illustrations. Multiple projects are included in the appendices, including creating a portfolio and field sketchbook.

    Want to pursue nature illustration as a career? Brady's recommendations and advice are realistic, and drawn from her vast experience as an illustrator. This book makes me feel that I, too, can do nature illustrations and make them look great. Now, let me think...where did I put my sketch pad and charcoals?


The Book

Nature Works Press
November 2004
Softcover / Spiral
Nonfiction / How-To / Art Techniques
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The Reviewer

Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2005
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