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Iris Folding
Teabag Folding

by The Crafterís Paper Library

      Both these cardmaking techniques have been around for quite some time now, but nothing like this has appeared hitherto -so how welcome these books are! These arenít books that you read (apart from the instructions), but get your scissors or craft knives and get ready to cut out.

On each page of the iris-folding book there are seven 4cm strips of different patterned paper, but all of the same color. You cut these into 2cm strips, which are then folded almost in half lengthwise (0.7 and 1.3. Iím giving you a hint if you are new to this) to make the pictures, one of which is helpfully printed at the front, to start you off. My complaint here is that nowhere does it mention these cutting instructions in any detail, although as the pattern exists, surely the bookís owner is meant to be able to start cutting and folding straight away. But as the book says, there are lots of pattern books available in craft shops. They are those small square Dutch books that Search Press helpfully translates into English and then sells to all of us non-Dutch speaking folk. The patterns are lovely, and a bit different from all the others Iíve seen to date, so get ready for some impressive results. They have a great shiny texture, too. The strips could have been wider -6cm for preference- for the larger patterns, but fortunately each page is printed twice, so a great deal of cardmaking fun is possible.

The teabag book has lots of pages of those square designs for kaleidoscope folding, and at the back are generously four whole pages of folds to try, as well as full-color pictures of how the work ought to look if you are that good at it. Christmas is not covered here (nor is it in the other book), but the general-purpose patterns are suitable for most other occasions. At £6.99 each ($11.95), they arenít too expensive, and would make great gifts if you can bear to part with them. (I couldnít.) They are acid and lignin free too! These are two in a range of similar titles, so why not...

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The Book

Search Press
September 2005
184448114X (Iris)
1844481131 (Teabag)
How-To Books/Cardmaking
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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