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Katie Brown's Weekends
Making the Most of Your Two Treasured Days

by Katie Brown

      Katie Brown's third book, Katie Brown's Weekends: Making the Most of Your Two Treasured Days, is her attempt to help us all achieve some balance in our lives. A self-proclaimed workaholic, Brown found that she was losing touch with herself because she was beginning to work 24/7, leaving little time for her family, much less herself. So, Brown came up with a plan to take back her precious weekends.

She decided that a little advance planning around a theme would help her stay focused on fun and relaxation. Brown therefore divided the book into six sections: "Helping Hands," "Secret Garden," "Around the World," "Neat Freak," "Great Outdoors," and "Holiday." These divisions fit her personality and offer a resource for readers to dip into. She packs each section full of cooking projects and crafts and sprinkles a few anecdotes about her family throughout the book. The projects are fun and relatively easy and could be done with your children or other family members. The recipes range from comfort food to elegant. They aren't meant to be grueling cooking sessions, but ways to explore your creativity and relax while preparing a dish. And some of the recipes actually use refrigerated biscuits and cookie dough! (O, Martha, you're rolling your eyes!) But the point is to make these projects fun. You are doing this for personal satisfaction not to cater for the neighborhood, though you could use many of these recipes to prepare a great party.

The book is chock full of gorgeous photos, not only of the crafts and dishes, but of Brown herself applying her talents to some of the projects. Each section is color coded so that you can find your favorite section by looking at the edge of the book, finding the corresponding color, and diving right into it. Katie Brown's ideas are fresh and unpretentious and just as up-town as many of the food and craft divas. She is definitely the new home arts maven.

The Book

Bullfinch / TimeWarner
October 2005
Non-fiction, cooking and crafts
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2005
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