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Knit Wit
30 Easy and Hip Products

By Amy R. Singer

     Knit Wit is another how-to-knit book brought in during the knitting craze that seems to have taken over. Knit Wit includes steps on how to knit, along with 30 projects for knitters. Knit Wit includes detailed pictures of what the stitches should look like, and what a knitter can do if they make an error.

    Amy Singer presents the directions and details in a realistic and humorous way. Ms. Singer appears to have an understanding of what happens to new knitters and focuses on what questions new knitters -- and probably she herself -- had when she started out. Each pattern includes a level of difficulty along with pictures and descriptions of how to do the patterns. The patterns appear from easy to harder. This reader likes the spiral bound way that Knit Wit is presented. It makes it easy for knitters to follow along, with the book standing up, and following along with the knitting needles in hand instead of having to continually drop the needles to turn the page and focus on what the book states instead of focusing on the knitting.


The Book

Harper Resource / HarperCollins
October 2004
Spiral Bound
Nonfiction/How to Knit
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Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2005
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