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Paper Embellishment

by Jenny Kell

      I remember well the frisson of pleasure I used to feel in school whenever the teacher said we were going to make collages. There is something enormously satisfying about turning oddments into a picture, and as a "green" person I applaud this fun way of recycling all kinds of junk. This book makes use of some of the latter, but primarily this is about making pictures out of pressed flowers (although the title tells you nothing of this).

Learn how to press flowers, what you need to buy, and when is best to pick them. Find out which species are best for pressing, and have fun amassing the collage elements to add interest and texture to the pictures. Paint backgrounds, cut up fabric, tear up paper... have fun showcasing the contents of your garden on your walls. No greetings cards are made in here, but if you scale down some of the larger pieces you can come up with some smaller works. This is a real "hands on" primer such as Search Press is adept at producing, and great fun. It isn't even all flowers, as you can make pictures too from what you find on the beach, in the kitchen or in your sewing box. Enjoyable and inexpensive to do.

If you cannot find flower pressing supplies locally try for a list of suppliers, and to buy books directly.

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The Book

Search Press
July 2005
How-To Books/Collage
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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