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The Party Planner

By David Tutera
Photographers: Charles Maring, Jennifer Maring

     Do you find yourself faced with the task of having to plan a party? Take a deep breath, for there is a simple way to make this event a memorable event by turning to The Party Planner. Leading lifestyle expert David Tutera gives you the knowledge that will allow you to know how to throw a lavish event on an everyday budget.

     This book comes alive, for it is jam-packed with hundreds of vivid picture that convey the knowledge Tutera generously provides. His style of party planning focuses on the five senses when planning an event: the taste, the look, the sound, the scent, and the touch he throws in that are all his unique combination. He adds his favorite songs, cocktail recipes, menu ideas, table settings and floral arrangements. Just these simple added touches will turn any event into something spectacular.

     Each event is a true work-of-art, for they seem to come alive off the pages. What I found was so unique about this book is that Tutera allows you the opportunity to add your own creative individual touch. Truly, David Tutera is a master event planner. With his knowledge and guidance, you will be able to host an event people will be talking about for years.

The Book

Bulfinch / Time Warner
April 27, 2005
Non Fiction / Self Help
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