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Paws for a Minutes

By Inger Martens

    Celebrity dog trainer Inger Martens has written a comprehensive manual for dog owners in her book, "Paws for a Minute." Billed as People Training for Dog Owners, the book is full of useful instructions. Although geared primarily towards those who have or are contemplating acquiring a puppy, the training tips can be put to beneficial use with dogs of any age.

    Who will find this book useful? People who are contemplating acquiring a pet, as well as people who already have a dog that may have behavioral issues. She even attempts to help dog owners avoid having a dog with issues by giving advice on how to gauge which breed is best, and useful advice on questions to ask breeders about animals before the purchase.

   She covers the basics such as teaching your pet the basic commands, and even goes beyond that by giving instructions on how, why, and when to use a training collar. I've tried several of her suggestions with my own adolescent Shepard Mix and found them right on target. The book is written in a way that allows pet owners to go directly to the chapter that addresses issues that are of particular concern. However, I found it beneficial to then go back and read the book from cover to cover.

   "Paws for a Minute"is a wonderful, humorous book that will keep pet or potential pet owners smiling and sometimes laughing out loud while they learn the importance of not transferring their bad habits to their dogs, and how to ensure dog and owner compliment each other.

    The instructions are clear, concise, and interwoven with Paw Prints, little nuggets of doggie information such as the age and breed of the world's oldest dog. Along with the celebrity endorsements, there are pictures of several celebrities, along with their dogs, their individual doggie stories, and how each was successfully solved.

    I highly recommend Ms. Martens's "Paws for a Minute" for any person who owns or is considering acquiring a dog.

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Mary Lynn
Reviewed 2005
NOTE: Reviewer Mary Lynn is the author of "Dear Cari."
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