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Quick Parchment Greetings Cards

by Janet Wilson

      The latest in Search Press' bestselling Handmade Greetings Card Series, this is the book for all those of you who love parchment craft, but aren't so keen on the time it takes to make one card. All those hours, to produce the world's most expensive bin liners...but no longer, thanks to Fiskars new Parchamoré system. Buy a Mini Shapeboss Base, and then choose from a range of special stencils to produce a lovely card in minutes.

      Janet Wilson, papercraft guru to the UK, is the able guide through this new product. I applaud the way she has listed the essentials, and then honestly given a list of optional extras instead of lumping them all under the one heading. I particularly like the homemade perforating grid! After outlining the basics, (not too many of these with this craft), it is on with the projects, and some beautiful yet speedy cards. If you are an expert and are thinking that all this sounds a bit basic there are other more challenging projects to make with the same basic templates, and some of the fancier parchment craft tools. This does seem to be a "one size fits all" system, and you can even combine it with photographs (no memory album pages in here as this is a card making book) to make some special cards. As with most Search Press books this has excellent staged diagrams explaining every stage of the process, and fewer gallery pieces than in most books so if it is in here, you can make it. One of the best entries in a fine series.


The Book

Search Press
May 2005
How-To Books/Papercraft
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2005
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