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Start Scrapbooking

By Joy Aitman

     This is the first in a new series which introduces crafters to the new(ish) art of scrapbooking. No more dreary albums to bore your friends and relations with, and better still a more responsible attitude to archiving. If the latter sounds even more boring than looking at Uncle Fred's endless holiday snaps then don't worry - it is all explained in this laudably brief introductory book by one of the UK's most well-known scrapbookers who runs Cotswold Keepsakes.

     In time-honored Search Press style this handsome book is well laid out and lavishly illustrated as well as being reasonably priced (£6.99UK/$13.95US). Here you can discover what you need to get started, and even more importantly learn why you need some of it to preserve those precious photographs. Choose your colors, find out about layouts and good journaling, and then it is on with the projects. There are not many of these, but each one is fully explained and there are some good-sized staged photographs. Children, seaside, and wedding are the only three covered, but then this is only the first in the series. Joy's style is laconic and uncluttered with the photo always as the star - collect the whole series to discover how other designers tackle their photographs. A good basic no-frills primer for beginners - but I discovered some things I didn't know as well, so it is worth a look even if you have been doing it for years (especially if you are self-taught like me).

     If you cannot find materials locally try for a list of suppliers or opt for my (UK only) suggestions:
Joy's own site is
My own favorite with speedy service and 4500+ items is
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Search Press
January 2005
How-To Books/Scrapbooking
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