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You Gotta Wanna
Traits of the Sales Greats

By Thomas Monson and Sarah Kaip

    If you are in any kind of business at all, whether it is selling refrigerators to Eskimos or your latest book to illiterates, You Gotta Wanna can make you successful. Monson and Kaip take a very down-to-earth approach on making every sales opportunity into a win/win situation.

    Each chapter ends with a question session, but unlike most such features, they also give the correct answers.

     In the forward, the authors say "If you want to be successful, rich, or both, you have to want it. But equally (or arguably, more) important is that you know and consistently adopt the traits, methods, and skills we present in this book. Countless hours of research by us and hundred of others illustrate the undisputable fact that these qualities are necessary for success of any kind."

    The book will take you through your own like or dislike with your job, setting goals, adopting a positive attitude, to creating effective promotional tools and managing your time to the best advantage.

    If you are in any sales career, even if it just to "sell yourself," this book could revolutionize the entire outcome of your life. Highly recommended.

The Book

Advantage Source, Inc.
Trade Paperback
Nonfiction / How to
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Janet Elaine Smith
Reviewed 2005
NOTE: Janet Elaine Smith is the author of 12 published novels, as well as a well-known magazine writer of over 25 years. Her next Patrick and Grace Mystery, Old Habits Die Hard, should be out this spring.
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