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Making Christmas Tree Decorations

by Judy Balchin

      Donít head for your local garden center this year to stock up on Christmas tree decorations, make your own instead. The children can help, and what could be nicer than the whole family sitting around the table on dark winter evenings making decorations together?

Not all the projects are suitable for junior crafters, but quite a few are or have easier stages in them that can use some little helpers. There are garlands, for example, and those cardboard cone angels or miniature crackers minus the snaps. More involved are labels that are actually containers for wee gifts, and boxes to decorate and fill. Metal embossing, dry embossing, blobbing about with inks (literally), using peel-offs, painting and tearing paper are a few techniques used. As usual, it is all handsomely illustrated and easy to follow. Missing are any slightly more advanced projects, which is a bit of a pity, but more experienced crafters can use the ideas and take them further. I can think of a few right now.

If you cannot find any of the above mentioned papercraft materials used in here locally, try for a list of suppliers. You can also buy this book from this site.

The Book

Search Press
September 2006
ISBN-10: 184448162X
ISBN-13: 9781844481620
How-To Books/Christmas Decorations
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Reviewed 2006
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