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Aboriginal Designs

by Penny Brown

Ethnic motifs are an invaluable resource for crafters, providing a ready-made stylized library that will add a new dimension to any project. Here is a compendium of one of the less often featured styles of “folk art,” the art of Australia’s Aboriginal people. Calling it folk art is a misnomer, for it is central to the beliefs of one of the longest traditions in the world, dating back over 50,000 years. Here are representations of animals, seemingly abstract patterns (which tell a story to those who know how to read them), human figures and masks.

Adorn fabric or wooden projects, fire onto ceramics, or make a mosaic (use your imagination and supply the craft of your choice). Shrink them for smaller items such as greetings cards or jewelry, use elements for repeats and borders. These are not very detailed designs in the main and will still be usable when shrunk, and have a powerful emblematic appeal if enlarged. This title (#32 in a long running series) is one of my own favorites, and should have a wide appeal due to its stylized beauty and economy of line that allows for considerable reduction. As with all the titles in this series you are free to use the designs for your personal use or sell the items you make for charity BUT these are NOT public domain so no commercial use is permissible. Another attractive and user-friendly addition to the series.


The Book

Search Press
June 2007
Large Format Paperback
1844482537 / 9781844482535
How-To Books/General Patterns
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2007
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