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The House That Cleans Itself
Creative Solutions for a Clean and Orderly House in Less Time Than You Can Imagine

by Mindy Starns Clark

      The house that cleans itself! To paraphrase Shakespeare: "That is a consummation to be wished". I don't like housework. I don't know anyone who does. I'm sure there is someone somewhere who does. This may be just the book for, as the author expressed it, the housekeeper impaired or challenged.

The first challenge is for the house not the housekeeper. The house must be restructured and uncluttered. You must analyze your clutter and figure a way to eliminate it and prevent it in the future. To most pack rats this is not an easy step. Decide what is necessary and / or useful and eliminate the rest. Use the physical space in your home to limit what you bring into it: no more books than the shelf will hold, no more clothes than the closet will hold.

There are amusing anecdotes and testaments at the end of each chapter by those who were at least as messy as you, which may give you courage and confidence to begin. There is a Christian message of prayer and persistence with a Biblical quotation at the beginning of each chapter.

In Clark's series,"The Smart Chick" mysteries, Josephine Tulip gives her readers an occasional household hint. Here Clark has incorporated all her other advice in one helpful volume. The problem for me is remembering them to implement them. However it makes for enjoyable reading, with the Biblical quotations as well as the anecdotes, which may be all we need to inspire us and give us the momentum we need to begin.

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Harvest House Publishers
June 2007
Trade paperback
9780736918800 / 0736918809
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