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The Babytalk Insiderís Guide to Your Babyís First Year

by The Editors of Babytalk Magazine

      Sour milk smell, overflowing diaper dispensers that could kill a herd of elephants, exhaustion, headaches, and a severe hatred for the clock on your wall - itís a wonderful way to have the fairytale broken, isnít it? Not to worry. The editors of Babytalk are ready to help us new mothers and mothers-to-be with their new book, The BabyTalk Insiderís Guide to Your Babyís First Year.†

Youíll find loads of information about everything from common practices for breastfeeding and tips about naptime and bathtime to the myths and realities of having a child and your own ever-changing (and annoyingly exhausted) body. The editors have gone all out in sharing both common and uncommon knowledge about raising a baby in the modern world.†

Being a new mom going through the constant "awakening" of being a parent has definitely been a challenge, and this guide has been a saving grace to both my self-esteem and my sanity. This isnít the old-school advice your grandma keeps "offering" you; what is offered here is perfect for those of us who feel the pressures of "what if" thinking and the stress of being a good mom. I seriously recommend it for anyone who is expecting (or already has) a new bundle of gooey joy.

The Book

Wellness Central / Hachette Book Group
February 2008
Large Paperback
0-446-69804-0 / 978-0-446-69804-7
How To - Parenting / Family
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Carisa Brock-Farrington
Reviewed 2008
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