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Handmade Fairy Cards
Simple and Stunning Series

by Judy Balchin

      Fairies seem to be going through a period of great popularity at the moment, and here is a whole book of cards with a fairy theme.  Apart from that, they have nothing in common and use a wide range of different techniques: glass painting, collage, rubber stamping, polymer clay, shaker cards and embossing on metal.

As a fairy fan myself I was keen to get hold of this book, and am not disappointed.  There are some lovely cards in here, featuring fairies in several different styles from Victorian illustrations from a CD through Art Nouveau and some contemporary funky variations.  I also like the way each card takes a basic method and tweaks it a little to make it seem new and interesting.  Use modeling clay to make a fairy instead of jewelry for example, or back your glass painting with hologram paper to make it sparkle.  Metal sheet gets covered with glitter, leftover beads and sequins get stuck on to make an all-over pattern and more.  At the end of each chapter more ideas are given, along with the patterns, so every card in the book can be made.  The snow and ice fairies are suitable for Christmas, making it a book for all year round.  A title worth having for any fairy lover!

If you cannot find a good range of papercraft materials used in this book locally try for a list of suppliers.

The Book

Search Press
October 2008
1844483053 / 9781844483051
How-To Books / Papercrafts
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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