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Amazing Places to Live the Rest of Your Life

by Barbara Corcoran

      Looking for some options on where to retire and how to spend all that free time? Barbara Corcoran has built a career on knowing where people will live even before they know it themselves. Now she turns her incomparable real estate eye on Baby Boomers planning retirement and predicts "the next big things" in real estate for that enormous demographic.

Not only does Corcoran identify the top eight trends that are changing where and how Boomers are retiring, but she also suggests ways for the retirees to define what will be important to them in their next place.

Whether it's pursuing a passion, living green, finding a true sense of community, or relocating to a college town, the options for a new lifestyle once you have escaped the 9-to-5 grind are endless. It is important to define what you want or expect from retirement before looking for a place that will allow you to realize that dream.

From a "Where to Live Happily Ever After" quiz and numerous short case studies of how individuals approached retirement to actual assessments of communities and what they have to offer, this guide provides plenty for the reader to ponder. There's even a chapter entitled "Going Nowhere (and Loving It!)" for those who have no intention of leaving their present communities.

Even those who aren't quite ready for retirement may want to scan this book to see what some of the places are that the author recommends and why they are so desirable. None of towns have posted signs declaring "Retired People Only!" at the city limits!

The Book

Springboard Press
April 1, 2008
9780446178273 / 0446178276
How to - retirement / life skills
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