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Papercrafts For Christmas
Making Cards and Decorations

by Judy Balchin and Polly Pinder

      They say that it is never too early to start getting ready for Christmas, and even if it is it will arrive sooner than you think! Better be ready and lay in a book like this, filled with cards and ways of decorating the tree and table. This is not a new book, but a compendium of three earlier ones so if you already own them you wonít need this new one. But if you donít...

I really like this book. Anybody who can make a votive candle shade out of an old, salvaged radiator cover gets my vote for being a green crafter, and there are also ways of using cheap glasses bought in a charity shop as well as all sorts of bit and pieces we crafters tend to hoard. The card-making section has ideas for most of the materials that have been around for some time, such as glass and silk paints, peel-offs, small boxes, metal foil and beads. The ideas are easily adaptable for other media and there are no gallery pieces, for all the templates are included. Similar things can be said about the two decorations sections where paper and card in its various forms get put through their paces, and all sorts of unlikely items are pressed into service to make some stunning decorations, such as fancy paper bags and galvanized buckets, small off-cuts of anything gold and lots of wire. There are lots of ways of displaying candles, and of hanging small gifts on the tree to make them look more interesting and festive. If you are beginner, nothing is too hard to make (some ideas are suitable for children) and if you are not, there is still plenty of inspiring food for thought and new ways of using familiar items. This goes no further than my keeper shelf. Highly recommended.

If you cannot find a good range of the materials used in this book locally try for a list of suppliers.

The Book

Search Press
April 2008
1844483177 / 9781844483174
How-To Books / Papercrafts
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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