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Strategies for Teaching Boys & Girls
Secondary Level: A Workbook for Educators

by Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens and Kelley King

      Filled with helpful ideas on how to build a foundation of learning and study habits for students at home and in a school setting, this guide is aimed at teachers in grades 6 through 12.

You'll find plenty of practical strategies, lessons, and activities that have been field-tested in real classrooms and developed to harness boys’ and girls’ unique strengths.

A sampling of the book’s chapters: Building Learning Teams of Boys and Girls: Promoting Positive Social Development, Reading between the Lines: Figuring Out What Adolescents Will Read, Creating a New Playbook: Using More Visual-Spatial Strategies in Your Classroom, and What Could They Be Thinking? The Science of Boy-Girl Learning Differences.

For educators working on the middle or secondary school levels, there's plenty of food for thought here on how to reach and engage all the students in a mixed gender classroom. The key curricular areas are covered in this guide and there’s plenty of material which can immediately be put to good use and incorporated into daily lesson plans.

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March 2008
9780787997311 / 0787997315
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