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Glass Painted Projects
Twenty To Make Series

by Judy Balchin


Glass painting as a hobby has been around for quite a long time now, and it is easy to see its appeal just by looking at this book.††Unlike many other crafts, it can tie in with a range of other craft hobbies.††Card making, Chistmas decorations, decorating a variety of domestic objects and gift packaging are the ones covered in here and there are many others.

Knowing how to use the glass paints to their best advantage and what techniques can be done with them apart from straight painting are vital, and are covered here.††There is a brief section at the front describing the two types of glass paints and what else you need to obtain to use with them, as well as a short explanation of how to do three techniques.††These are expanded upon in the projects themselves, which are indeed diverse.††Make some fairies for your holiday decorating, paint a box for a gift, make cards and bookmarks, pictures, fridge magnets, lamps, frames and, of course, decorate glassware.††Just like the other titles in this series, each of the twenty projects also has another idea on the same page, making it up to forty.††Nor are only paints and outliners used; have a go at using them in conjunction with beads, sequins, buttons, fancy backing papers and textured surfaces for some surprisingly different results.† There is a lot in here for a small book, and I found that I learned a lot I didnít know through reading through (and working through) the projects that larger books didnít contain.††One of the strongest entries in a good series.

If you cannot find a good range of glass paints locally, try† for a list of suppliers. Search Press also publishes other books on glass painting as well as the other titles in the Twenty To Make series.

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Search Press
March 2009
1844483479 / 9781844483471
How-To Books / Glass Painting
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2009
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