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Candy Construction

by Sharon Bowers

      You’ll discover 40 different craft projects here that use store bought candy to construct a range of cool and edible items, from a pirate ship and race car to a fairy-tale castle and a collection of creepy-crawlies.

Using frosting as glue, or “mortar,” and basic building materials that include wafer cookies, graham crackers, pretzels, ice cream cones, jelly beans and a pound cake, you can make a really cool castle. Or, if you want to try something simpler, gather together some Oreos, wafer cookies, pretzels and a little vanilla mortar (frosting) and piece together a simple helicopter.

Well illustrated, the author’s directions for each creation are easy to follow and will provide plenty of fun for everyone in the family. Also, pay close attention to the “On-Site Rules” that should be followed in the kitchen:

“Absolutely no eating while building. One item can be chosen from among the supplies, or one piece of what was built, but it’s to be eaten after cleanup. Candy construction workers always brush their teeth after work.”

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December 2010
Cooking-kitchen crafts
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2010
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