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Crochet Coats!

by Jill Hanratty

      You don’t need many dressmaking skills to make these coats, and not a scrap of fabric in sight! Here are four different coats to crochet for winter warmth and a look that is top fashion.

As a dressmaker I know all about making coats, so know that they are not the quickest or easiest of garments to tackle. These crocheted coats mainly just need the yarn and a set of buttons, making them a remarkably fuss-free way of suddenly acquiring several new coats. As with all Annie’s Attic books in this series, each garment has a difficulty rating and these are aimed at the intermediate crocheter. This is not a book on how to crochet, nor does it contain hints and tips for better skills; it is just a book of patterns. Each garment has photographs of the finished item being worn, as well as close-ups of different parts. Instructions are in written rather than chart form, and there is a list of materials (a short one) plus a few simple line diagrams. At the back of the book is a metric conversion chart, a glossary of the abbreviations and terms used plus a few memory-jogging diagrams for stitches in case you are a little rusty. If you are rather rustier than this, there is a website for “more complete information”. This is a direct, no-nonsense pattern book that is ideal for anybody with the relevant skill level to make four wardrobe-extending coats and as such it succeeds.

The Book

Annie’s Attic (Distributed in the UK by Search Press)
July 18, 2010
1596353155 / 9781596353152
How-To Books/Crochet
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Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2010
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