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Magical Housekeeping
Simple Charms and Practical Tips for Creating a Harmonious Home

by Tess Whitehurst


Tess Whitehurst, a feng shui consultant and energy worker, performs magic in her book Magical Housekeeping. Really. She turns hoarders, slackers, and dust bunny collectors into cleaning enthusiasts with a wave of her wand. Before youíve finished reading the first chapter, youíll be itching to clear out closets, wash windows, and polish your driveway.† Magical Housekeeping combines feng shui with eclectic magic, throws in a dash of practicality, and serves up an extra helping of enthusiasm for tackling the mess. "Clearing clutter is a very powerful practice that helps to align you with the subtle and energetic realms," Whitehurst tells us. No wonder "Clutter Clearing" is the first chapter in this breezy and informative guide. Whitehurst packs the chapter with useful tips—get rid of the excess and donít worry about what youíll use instead; if you donít love it, toss it no matter how much it cost or who gave it to you; you should have a junk drawer because "some things... just donít seem to go anywhere else." An especially helpful section breaks clutter into categories, which makes clearing it less overwhelming; and Whitehurst even tells readers how to know whether that ceramic vase or over-stuffed chair qualifies as clutter.

Feng shui tips abound, but Whitehurst doesnít skimp on the spiritual and magical tips, either. Included here are The Three Secret Empowerments—gesture, vocalization, and visualization; gemstones that are helpful in your house cleansing rituals; plant and animal helpers, aromas, blessings, and even angels you can invite into your clean and tidy spaces.

Reading Magical Housekeeping is the next best thing to sitting down with Tess Whitehurst and partaking of her knowledge, charm, and support. She writes with clarity and confidence infused with just the right amount of wit. Everything about Magical Housekeeping motivates the reader to take charge and take action to create a home, a car, or an office that inspires well-being.

The Book

Llewellyn Worldwide
June 1, 2010
Nonfiction /†Miscellaneous / New Age
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The Reviewer

Deborah Adams
Reviewed 2010
NOTE: Reviewer Deborah Adams is the Flair and Macavity Award winning author of the Jesus Creek Mystery Series: All The Great Pretenders, All The Crazy Winters, All The Dark Disguises, All The Hungry Mothers, All The Deadly Beloved, All The Blood Relations, and All The Dirty Cowards. She was also an Agatha Award nominee for Best First Novel.
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