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Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrators
Sha Tahmasebi

Search Press
1 February 2011/ ISBN 1844486206
How-To Books/Drawing
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

If you are doing a fashion course or, (like this reviewer) have a job that involves designing patterns, then you will need to be able to produce some good drawings of the garments. If a talent for artwork was not given to you along with your talent for fashion designing and pattern cutting then a book like this will be a godsend, as your work will magically be transformed into something that (hopefully) will pass exams and/or interest buyers.

I am used to drawing my own, less glamorous-looking bodies wearing my creations, so I opened this book with great interest. Not only is it filled with sketches of leggy figures of both sexes (no children) sporting attractive attire, but it also looks at different markets and how to present garment for each one. From couture fashion to off-the-peg budget clothing it is interesting to see how the figures and their poses subtly alter. Also covered are how to show different fabrics, what to use to make your mark and a brief look at working with Adobe Illustrator. Turn to the inside cover and you will discover a CD featuring all the figure poses in .jpg and .tiff file formats, plus all the garments. All are copyright free and in very high resolution (over 100dpi) and all you have to do is choose a figure in a suitable pose, pick the garments and accessories you require that will fit over it, and the line drawings will obligingly appear in transparent format reading to be dropped over the figure. Erase the parts you don’t want, add your own touches and voila! My new lace overlay dress was magically before my eyes ready to show my editor. It was all very user friendly and I can recommend this as a painless and fast way of conjuring up a fashion plate in double-quick time that looks very professional indeed.

Reviewer's Note: Paperback With CD


Reviewed 2011
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