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Cast On, Bind Off
54 Step-by-Step Methods
Find the perfect start and finish for every knitting project
Leslie Ann Bestor

Storey Publishing, LLC
June 19, 2012 / ISBN 978-1603427241
Crafts & Hobbies: Knitting

Reviewed by Beth E. McKenzie

I am a crafter with a soft spot for knitting (surprise, surprise!) and so I like to check out the new knitting how-to books whenever possible. I've been knitting for close to 40 years, but every once in a while somebody will show me something new or show me how to teach a method better. I found some goodies in Cast On, Bind Off.

As you would expect in a modern How-to, there are hundreds of photographs of fingers, needles and yarn to illustrate and clarify the instructions. I particularly like the photographs that show the right side and wrong side of each method and the suggestions for when to use each method. There are also sketches that illustrate the use of a group of stitches. For example a girl in a sweater on page 146 suggesting the 3-needle bind off at the shoulder and the sloped bind off at the sleeve insert.

I typically review from electronic Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs), but whenever a book has been released before I review it I try to at least see a copy of the final product. I am so glad I found a copy of Cast On, Bind Off! Ms. Bestor is obviously a crafter as well. The book is small, roughly the size of my Kindle Fire, and the spiral binding is what they call "partially concealed," which means the wire won't snag your knitting and it will lay flat while you study the pictures with two hands full of yarn. The paper is heavy with a smooth finish and seems like it resists tearing (but I didn't try too hard). Seeing the actual book changes my review from "Hey, nice book" to "Wow! I bought one and put it in my knitting basket so it is always there when I need it!"

Reviewer's Note: There are no patterns per se, but the Möbius Cast On forms the basis for a very interesting type of shawlette with just a little imagination. The geek in me is thoroughly intrigued about starting in the middle and never having to switch sides!
Reviewed 2012