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Celtic Designs
The Design Library Book III
Penny Brown

Search Press
11 April 2012/ ISBN: 9781844487257
How-To Books/Design / Paperback + CD ROM

Reviewed by
Rachel A Hyde

Here is the third book in Search Press new Design Library. Remember their bestselling Design Source Library series? This takes the idea into the 21st century with each title containing a hundred motifs in print plus a CD ROM with them all in both .jpeg and .tiff format.

The first page has a brief introduction to what lies within, and the rest of the book contains just the designs themselves. Each page features a line drawing or two and in this book you can find borders,corners and motifs depicting fabulous beasts, intricate knotwork, spirals and more. Designs are taken from the British Isles and continental Europe from the Iron Age La Tene style onwards to the Middle Ages.

You can find designs taken from the Book of Kells, from stone carvings, Viking motifs and more are in here for a wide variety of art and craft projects. As with the earlier Design Source Books these are not copyright free, but the small print at the back permits you to use up to fifteen of the drawings on a single project as long as you give a quote as to where they came from. What projects you use them on it up to you; scale them up or down and use them for whatever you want. I look forward to seeing the rest of the titles in this series and enjoy not having to scan them into my computer to use them like I did with the earlier series!

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Reviewed 2012