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Chinese, Celtic & Ornamental Knots For Beaded Jewellery
Suzen Millodot

Search Press
30 May 2012/ ISBN: 9781844488148
How-To Books/Textiles

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Once there were three books on knot tying, now there is just the one compendium. If you already have these books this is not a new one, but if you don’t then this is a cheaper way of getting them and a chance of learning an almost lost craft.

One introduction suffices for all and you don’t need much to get started, which is always heartening. Some cords, rat-tail or thronging, a few beads with large holes, a cork mat and the sort of general items most crafters already own; this is not a book that encourages the tyro to invest in a lot of superfluous kit. Helpful staged diagrams show you how to progress with each knot as well as staged photographs, giving you the best of both worlds. Each knot is accompanied by a project using it and some beads and findings, so you can make some attractive and unusual jewellery inexpensively. There are a few other books on the market but this is the best one I’ve seen for beginners. If you want to take up a new craft that doesn’t cost too much but requires some skill then this is a good one to choose.

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Reviewed 2012