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Classic Elite Quick Knits
100 Fabulous Patterns for Wraps, Socks, Hats, and More
Edited by Classic Elite Yarns

Taunton Press
October 18, 2011 / ISBN 978-1600854033
How To: Knitting and Crochet

Reviewed by Beth E. McKenzie

The first thing I noticed about "Classic Elite Quick Knits" is the luxury of the fabric: soft, flowing, sumptuous, lavish and even yummy. The next thing I noticed was how many of the patterns I want to make! These classic designs cover the full range of experience levels and some will be quick to knit while others will take more time.

The primary focus of this book is to showcase the yarn, which is both good and bad. It is great in that I am assured of reasonably anticipated results when I purchase the recommended Classic Elite Yarn. I have further comfort in that if the yarn is ever discontinued there is a support staff available that can recommend the next best thing. The down side to all this convenience, advice, glorious fiber and luxurious beauty is the price. Quick Knits is a very reasonably priced key that opens the door to a world of softness and sheen based on an elite set of fibers: baby alpaca, silk, nettle, and baby camel are some of the more interesting selections. There are many less exotic selections such as the hand-painted Silky Alpaca Lace (70% alpaca, 30% silk) recommended for the Bridgewater Shawl I will be making.

I am an experienced knitter but I still have trouble with yarn substitutions. I am seriously allergic to merino, mohair, and angora so I am hesitant to try the hair of other fuzzy critters. Plus there is more to choosing a replacement yarn than just making sure the size and gauge match. If you are an experienced fiber artist you will easily be able to make choices concerning the use of other brands of yarns, but those with less experience may need to seek help if that route is taken.

This book will be a good investment for the craft-store shopper, who is tired of their knitting norm and wants a little indulgence in their pattern and yarn choices.

Reviewer's Notes: There are two books with the name Classic Elite Quick Knits by Taunton Press. They are the same book with different covers and distributions. The book in this review is the Paperback version showing a sumptuous sweater and cowl combination in muted blues. The second is a Softcover version with the Sunshine Bag on the front.
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