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The Fabric Selector
Dana Willard

Search Press
29 December 2011 / ISBN ISBN-13: 9781844487424
How-To Books/Sewing
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

If you want to know which fabric is suitable for your latest project then look no further - it is all in this useful book. That is not all either, for also within these pages is information about the other tools, trimmings and fastenings in your workbox as well as pattern know-how.

When it comes down to it, not that many books are really useful for beginners, improvers and professional craftspeople, but this is one of them. I've been sewing for years and yet there are fabrics in here I have never heard of much less seen, plus a lot of very up-to-date information about sustainability, ethics and the environment. Fabrics are grouped into natural, sustainable and manufactured (ie mostly synthetics). Each page shows a typical photograph of the fabric, a bit about its history and where it comes from, properties, care and how to work with it and what it is used for. This includes what sewing machine feet to use, needles, stitch length etc making the process of wondering how to use it so much simpler. There are symbols denoting usage such as clothing, furnishings and crafts and an overview at the beginning of each section. In the last part of the book you can find information about notions such as trimmings, buttons, zips, thread, sewing feet, scissors etc and a bit about patterns and understanding them. This is the sort of book that would make a great gift for somebody just starting to sew, or somebody who has been doing it for years. Highly recommended for anybody who works with fabric for whatever reason.

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