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Gothic Knits
Fiona McDonald

Search Press
4 January 2012 / ISBN: 9781844486489
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and zombies…they have perhaps never been as popular as they currently are, thanks to the success of books and films like Twilight. In here are nine dark and sinister dolls to knit of both sexes, such to make great playthings for children or ornaments for any adults who are fans of the current passion for things that go bump in the night!

This is the same author who has brought us books on knitting fairies, aliens and fashion dolls (look up the name in the archives for my reviews). Now she turns her attention to the darker side of things with this handsomely produced book. These dolls come in two sizes and have a warning at the beginning about omitting small parts for young children, which is always a good idea. Notes are given too on adding the hair and assembling as well as what materials you will need and then it is quickly on to the actual patterns that make up the bulk of the book. The patterns here are in word form rather than charts and are nicely laid out to be easy to read. Detailed instructions are given on working the face, adding hair, making clothes etc along with lots of close-up shots of the relevant parts and a full-page photo of the finished item. One of the best things about this book, apart from the user-friendly layout, is the attractive touches added on every page.

Backgrounds are a muted lace instead of plain white, pages have black lace edges, and pretty borders surround the finished dolls. Each doll has a different lace edging, too, which makes finding your pattern easier. The skill level would be intermediate, and the detail of each project means that it is not very quick to make, but these are attractive and unusual dolls which are sure to be treasured. Rather like the book itself in fact…

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Reviewed 2012