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Granny Squares
Over 25 Creative Ways to Crochet the Classic Pattern. Stephanie Ghr, Melanie Sturm, Barbara Wilder
Barbara Wilder, Melanie Sturm and Stephanie Gohr

Search Press
30 May 2012/ ISBN: 9781844488407
How-To Books/Crochet

Reviewed by
Rachel A Hyde

The time when making these versatile and beautiful little squares were associated with grannies is long past; now everybody seems to be taking up yarncrafts. If you are a beginner, somebody with lots of oddments or you want a quick project that grows fast here are not only the squares, but also what to do with them.

I do like books like this; thin and inexpensive but filled with possibilities. Originally published in Germany this combines traditional written instructions with charts for maximum accessibility. There are twenty-three different squares to make in the first part of the book, some one color and others using several different yarns. They have names like starfish, carnation and snowflake and appearances to match. The rest of the book is filled with twenty-five different projects both large and small, beginner or more challenging. There are baby blankets and household items like a mug cozy, napkin ring, placemat and table runner, trims for towels, a throw, wearables such as a beanie hat, stole, slippers and bags. Each project has a whole page colored photograph of the finished item plus a page of instructions and sometimes small details are shown as extra photographs. Projects are grouped according to use, and graded according to difficulty. Total beginners, who have not crocheted or made up a pattern before, are advised to go elsewhere for their initial crochet training. Project instructions are the type that require some previous experience, although there is a brief refresher course on the stitches at the back, it is not sufficient to teach beginners. Chain and double crochet are not covered although treble and others are, which is odd, but Search Press also publish some excellent books for beginners. Try this one when you know the basics and you won’t be disappointed, particularly for presents and crafts to sell.

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Reviewed 2012